Ivana Jamnicki (Iva Jam)


There are many ways to describe myself. By profession, I’m a makeup artist, hairstylist, body artist, facepainter; then a sculptor, dancer, singer and actor, movie fan, exhibition and theatre goer, jewelry maker, polyglot and teacher. But above all, I’m an artist and an aesthetitian. I work as a freelancer for various photographers, videographers and filmmakers – domestic and international. I am lucky enough to have learnt four languages which has helped me collaborate with people from various countries and even continents. 

So, who am I? 

My name is Ivana Jamnicki; I live in Prague though was born and educated in Zagreb, Croatia (where what you have and what you wear is unfortunately still a big deal). Living here in Prague allows you so much more freedom and can be so playful. 

Why did I become a makeup artist? 

This stems from my knowledge about skin types, especially from my skin type. Having had problematic, oily, acne-prone skin with large pores for more than twenty-five years, it was always so difficult for me to deal with my skin breaking out a lot. I searched and searched for the solution and how to hide the imperfections while enhancing the good parts of my face. That resulted with a decent knowledge about how skin actually works and what certain diets or lifestyles cause. I may say this long journey has ended fruitfully; I have learned how to help myself, but also to other people with the same or related skin problems. My skin rarely has any acne now and I feel so much better. 

On top to the acne, times of accumulated stress would turn into itchy, burning and red skin; I’d even get blisters and flakes. While I did find the solution for the acne, the eccema is medically rather non-treatable and you just have to live with it – and do your makeup wisely, and that is using only the certain products and techniques. 

Throughout my 30’s and quickly approaching 40’s, I also managed to learn how to minimise the appearance of aging skin. We can’t get any younger in life but we can make our skin sag less with the right use of skin products and especially tricking the eye with makeup and suitable hairstyle. 

There are so many makeup tricks and techniques that I’ve discovered on the go and several others I learnt in my makeup courses. What I love is using them to achieve surprisingly youthful looks but also passing them on to someone in need, should a client be interested, or just doing what I do best – covering where needed yet creating a fresh, dewy and healthy-looking face. 

I like all things beautiful: I love the classics and adore their perfection, but I also value making new things and discovering the freedom around it highly. While there’s already so many established legendary looks, it may be difficult to create new ones and bring something fresh and beautiful yet eye-catchy or even thought-provoking. This is where I love to come in and play with what’s presented before my eyes: a very interesting face of a model or the soul of an inspiring new client I’ve just talked to; their favourite flower, animal or a fictional character; a movie scene or a friend’s dream last night they told me about. 

Very enjoyable and attractive I have found all the creative types of makeup: runway, special effects, bodyart and film makeup. As a huge film fan, that makeup field has always appealed to me – hence I entered the world of film makeup with passion and enthusiasm. 

Besides makeup, I also make headpieces and do some styling, which I need for the photoshoots, and I assist during the shoots themselves. 

I offer professional service, almost life-long experience with all skin types, detailed and personal approach through pleasant atmosphere in my makeup studio or wherever you are. Underlining your own nature and your natural beauty, I will tailor a healthy glow for your face, one (or more) that will give you additional self-esteem and discover ways to love yourself. There is an option for me to travel to those of you living away from Prague or even in other countries – nothing is impossible in my world.